Safari Testimonials

Thank you so much for leading such a great Photographic Safari. I really enjoyed every minute of it. I was delighted to get the benefit of your creativity, experience and inspirational guidance. I have had a first pass look at my images and I¹m happy I got some great shots. I will keep in touch and would love to do another photo shoot with you in the UK or Africa.

John McColgan (Multi-award-winning Producer and Director)


I was first introduced to Richard through his book Mastering Composition. As a complete novice this proved to be the most useful reading I did in my early days of photography. 

Since then I've had one to one tuition on Dartmoor looking at improving my landscape photography skills which has proved to be a great investment and following this I joined Richard on a truly amazing adventure to Namibia on one of his Wildlife Photography Safaris. 

Richard is a great teacher. He's really good at balancing when to teach and offer advice and when to let you put new techniques into practice. He's helped me gain confidence in a wide variety of challenges such as challenging light, night photography, wildlife portraits, fast moving birds and animals as well as teaching me the huge range of capabilities of my camera. I've now had over 12 days tuition from Richard and my photography skills have advanced significantly. I'm already looking at when and where my next Wildlife Photography Safari is going to be and I've got one or two photos Richard considers good enough for entry into competitions. Whilst I'm flattered it's down to his expert tuition my skills have come on so far in such a short space of time. 

I am delighted to offer this testimonial and would thoroughly recommend him as a great teacher with an amazing knowledge of photography and wildlife and of course best of all Richard is great company to be with. 

Gordon Sheret


I was lucky enough to go on one of the safaris to Kenya organised by Richard.  He did an excellent job of selecting the best destinations and putting together a varied package with a wide range of photography opportunities. 

This was my first visit to Africa and I was amazed by the experience.  The abundance and variety of wildlife made it difficult to put the camera down.  Even when not on safari the wildlife around the lodges meant you couldn't rest as there was always something to photograph.  

The real advantage of going on one of these trips is that you are travelling with fellow photographers who share the same aims.  Travelling in these groups everyone is happy to shoot early and late in the day to make the best of the light and it is possible to not just see the animals but position the vehicle and wait to get the best photographs.

All of the lodges and hotels were full board and I have never eaten so well!  The lodges were all comfortable and well located, far exceeding my expectations.

If you are serious about wildlife photography then there is no better way to improve than to go out and take pictures.  This trip was the ideal way to do this and unlike in the UK you don't have to spend large amounts of time just finding and approaching your subject as most of the animals can be approached closely in the vehicle, guaranteeing frame filling shots.

An unexpected bonus of the trip was seeing the country and it's people.  As many of the reserves are separated by fairly long drives we got to see large areas of Kenya with varied landscapes.  Seeing people go about their daily lives as we drove along the road was absolutely fascinating and in many ways I enjoyed this as much as the wildlife reserves.

I ended up taking 1000s of photographs and look forward to reliving the experience as I go through them over the next few months.

Philip Gill (advanced amateur)


I joined Richard on a two week action packed safari in Kenya’s national parks with no pre-conceptions but did wonder if I would get bored with potentially similar wildlife sightings day after day on the plains of Africa.  Although a successful photographer I was not prepared for what was to come.  The shared pleasure of being in the presence of the magnificence of the ‘Big Five’.  It was a real privilege. 

The big five were really just a backdrop to an ever changing panorama and observation of the daily lives of so many mammals and birds.  To see so many different species was awe inspiring.  But what made this trip was Richard’s enthusiasm and his choice of local tour group and especially driver.  Having our own driver for the whole time and being a small group was some luxury but at an affordable price.  Being picked up and dropped off again at the end of the trip and after another full day’s tour made for a hassle free and very enjoyable experience.  

The diversity of habitats visited within the 16 days made sure that we would never be bored.  Couple this with some excellent accommodation in between, ensured that all our time could be channeled into photography.  Having a driver who ‘knows’ his territory and his wildlife and eyes like a hawk, was the key to our success.  To see the very rare wild dogs on our very last game drive was the icing on the cake. 

Now all remains is to sift through the 000s of images taken between sunrise and sunset.  That was another bonus – having companions and a driver who all wanted the same – maximum time in the field and at the ‘right’ locations for those prize winning shots.  Every drive was a new experience and one never knew what might appear.  Working with like-minded individuals meant we could all learn from each other and share tips and even equipment.  A great trip and highly recommended.

Chris Marsham


On the tutoring side, Richard, I really benefitted from ‘sitting alongside’ and observing your approach. You have a great knack for making the complex quite straightforward, and it was so helpful to practise, practise, practise the fundamentals of being prepared, anticipating the subject, and responding quickly and accurately to opportunities. Hopefully my top ten will do all your input justice.

Jon Chapman 

Landscape Photography Workshops Testimonials

Your passion for the moor and tors meant the whole day was most enjoyable and inspiring. Your knowledge of Dartmoor enabled us to make the best of the conditions and your familiarity with the best angles enabled me to get some shots I am very pleased with. And with your relaxed, friendly manner I look forward to another day with you sometime in the future.
ABL, Wiltshire

Morning, Richard. Thanks again for yesterday. You do live in such a beautiful part of the country and we saw some amazing and varied landscapes across the moors and came away with some fabulous shots. I really enjoyed myself and felt my photography skills progressed a lot in one day - a great reflection of your teaching skills and the relaxed and enjoyable environment you created. I look forward to joining you again perhaps next time in Africa on one of your safaris.
Best wishes, Gordon Sheret, London

Just a quick note to thank you very much indeed for the workshop yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it but more than that I have learnt some very important compositional skills that I can take forward to help me improve my landscape photography. You have a very quiet and thoughtful style of teaching, paying attention to your clients needs.
Liz@Sherston, Sherston

We both very much enjoyed our time with you and we felt that we had greatly benefitted from your instruction, done in such a relaxed and informative style, thank you. You have an easy and likeable manner and we found you really good company so for us a great success (and you write good books too!).
AJB, Wiltshire

Just a short note to thank you for yesterday. I really enjoyed the day. Your advice and tips were very helpful and it was good to be able to put some of the theory into practice.
AgnetaW, Devon

Just a quick note to thank you very much for the Dartmoor workshop with visits to Staple Tor, Dewerstone & Leather Tor. The workshop was very informative and your passion for photography really came through which made for fantastic teaching. I look forward to next time
Alex Woolcock, Devon

Thanks for a great day, Richard, and I am looking forward to putting some of your tips into practice when I go out on my own.
Cathy O, Devon