Being based in the Southern Peloponnese region of mainland Greece, Richard enjoys regular outings with his camera since this area certainly has a great deal to offer photographically… dramatic mountain ranges, snow-capped in the winter months; deep gorges; rugged coastline; characterful, old, hill-top villages; hillside terraces lined with twisted olive trees; an ancient site or two; coastal fishing villages; and beautiful sunsets over the Messinian Bay. Some examples of photographs taken in this area can be seen in the Southern Peloponnese portfolio and the Greece Showcase portfolio.

In the Spring and early Summer seasons the olive groves and landscapes host a plethora of wild flowers, which help nourish a great diversity of insect life. So, regular excursions with a macro lens are then also enjoyed to reflect the detail and beauty surrounding our dwellings. A number of these images can be seen in the Close-up portfolio.

For those of you with a passion for this area and with blank walls to fill in homes in Greece or elsewhere, prints of these images are available on request. If interested, please note the title and number of the photograph and contact him to discuss print sizes available and costs. 




 Here are some testimonials kindly provided by previous clients that I have had the pleasure of travelling with or providing tuition for...