About Richard

Richard’s work does encompass other genres of photography but his primary focus remains rooted in the natural world. His up-bringing in Uganda and the Southern Sudan no doubt helped generate his passion and fascination for wildlife and for the wild animals of that continent in particular. He is now based in Devon, but regularly returns to Africa leading photographic safaris.

Like many nature photographers he is deeply concerned about our impact on the environment. He hopes his work will communicate to others the complexity, beauty and design inherent in this part of our existence and encourage immersion in and interaction with its wonders. He also hopes it will in some way help nurture a respectful relationship rather than one based on exploitation and control.

Richard is always pleased to consider commissions for work primarily in the fields of wildlife and landscape photography. He relishes the opportunity to travel so will also consider commissions overseas. Please contact him with proposals.

In addition to the books, he regularly writes articles for magazines. Recent features have been published in Outdoor Photography Magazine, Wild Planet Photo Magazine & Devon Life. Again he welcomes proposals from editors.

A newsletter is currently sent out two to three times a year with details of any new safaris, workshops, publications, exhibitions, art fairs or other projects. Please contact Richard if you would like your email to be added to the mailing list.




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Photographic Safaris in Africa for 2018

Due to other commitments, I am not lining up any safaris for 2018. However, please do contact me to register your interest for 2019 as I am intending to arrange at least two for next year. The details below of safari itineraries from the past serve as typical examples. 

Tanzania - a classic safari photography experience

Dates – Fri 16th June to Fri 23rd June, 2017

This is an 8-day classic safari holiday in Tanzania. It will give you the opportunity to photograph Africa’s most iconic wildlife in a variety of spectacular habitats. It is open to photographers of all abilities.

Locations – Tanzania’s Serengeti, Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater Reserves

Group size – 3 – 6 participants


Kenya - the prime reserves of Amboseli and the Maasai Mara.

Dates – Thurs 5th to Fri 13th October, 2017

On this 8-day photography safari we visit two of Africa’s most famous reserves, which provide unrivalled opportunities to photograph the continent’s most iconic wildlife in wonderful and dramatic settings.

Group size – 5 – 6 participants

Namibia - a photographer's paradise

Dates – Weds 1st to Sun 12th November, 2017

This 12-day safari holiday in Namibia gives you the opportunity to capture some fantastic wildlife photographs in unique environments. It is open to photographers of all abilities.

Group size – 3 – 4 participants